Invest in Yourself Today

After you have had your initial strategy call, book your sessions below.

Your Journey Began With a Single Call/Message/Email

Moving on from your initial 15 minute strategy call you have chosen to invest in yourself and your future, to do what is needed to continue your journey of positive change.

Change typically begins after about 3-6 sessions and as such I have convenient 3 or 6 session packages so you can invest in our change at a slight discount, with upfront or monthly payment programs, or you can schedule individual sessions if you choose to.

During the booking process be sure to either log in to an existing account if you are a returning client or choose to create an account if you are a new client. This will make it easier to keep track of all of your appointments, packages, discounts, etc.

If you have a Coupon or Groupon code please schedule the appropriate session or package and enter the code during booking.