Our Purpose and Values

Why are we here?

Mission Statement

Everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy, and successful life, and MHI’s mission is to help people reach their fullest potential and to improve their quality of life through education, training, and positive subconscious behavioral changes, to allow people to realize that they have the power within themselves to become whoever they desire to be.

Utilizing the latest tools and techniques and Michael’s 2,000+ hours of training and education MHI aims to bring each client the best service in the best way,

Time is a valuable commodity and as such MHI also aims to save people time by offering sessions remotely via Zoom so you can work from the comfort of your own home without the need to travel to and from MHI.

MHI's Values

Here at MHI, we value trust, privacy, respect, empathy, and a fun atmosphere within our business and your sessions, as well as a commitment to staying up-to-date with training and continuing education.

MHI’s philosophy is based on the belief that everyone has it within themselves to see the world how they wish it to be, and the ability to change their lives, and the lives of those around them, through the utilization of the immense power of their subconscious mind, to create a better world for all.

I personally believe that people can do anything that they set their minds to, without limitation, and everyone has the right to be allowed to truly believe that for themselves, without judgment.


MHI sees a world where people can breathe easier, feel more relaxed and at ease in their own bodies, and not be afraid to go after the things they desire to achieve in life. A world where people communicate better and overcome obstacles that get in the way of their success.