Preparing for Your Session

Things you need to know before your session.

Is This Your First Session with MHI?

When you schedule your first session, after your Free Strategy Call, there are a few questions you may have about how things will go, what is expected of you, etc.

If this is your first session with MHI then don’t worry, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Depending on your reason for seeking out Hypnotherapy, your first appointment could be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours in length. This allows us enough time to get everything taken care of, make sure all your paperwork is completed and really get a firm grasp on why you’re here, how hypnosis can help you, and how your journey may progress from there.

We will go over everything in more detail during your strategy call, but you may be required to do a few things or bring something in to your first session, for example, smokers may be required to bring in their last pack of cigarettes if they have not already disposed of them, as well as removing all smoking related items from their home, car, office etc.

If you’ve experienced hypnosis before with someone else, then great, please let us know how that worked out for you, what they did, what you liked, and what worked or didn’t work for you.

For those completely new to hypnosis, check out our FAQ page to see some commonly asked questions.

In your first session we will go over some basics, discuss hypnosis, how the mind works, go over your problems and how the came to be, then we will test your suggestibility, guide you into hypnosis and assist you with making the positive changes that will help you reach your goals.

Visit MHI at the Office

Depending on your situation, location, availability, and a number of other factors, you may be visiting the MHI office, having us come to your home, or for those of you farther away you may be checking in via a Zoom video call.

For those of you local to the area, you may opt to visit MHI at the office. MHI is located in a home based professional office in Redford, MI. Please make sure you are fully prepared to begin your session on time, by arriving 5-10 minutes early, having all your paperwork completed, and having already used the restroom. Unfortunately due to scheduling, if you eat into your session time having to fill out paperwork or because you arrive late your session will be cut short.

It is assumed when booking that this will be your preference for your session, unless you specifically state otherwise.

Regardless of the location of your session, you should be free of all drugs and alcohol prior to the start of the session, if you are found to be under the influence during the session, your session will be ended as we cannot get the results you desire while you are intoxicated, you will also forfeit your session fee for that session.

So, avoid disappointment and refrain from drinking alcohol or using any form of drugs (yes even weed), that were not prescribed to you by a medical doctor, for at least 24 hours prior to your session.

A Session in Your Home

For those of you who opt to have the session in your home there are a few more requirements, such as a maximum travel time of 30 minutes from the MHI office, and an extra fee to cover travel time and expenses.

You are required to have a suitable space that is clean and has adequate lighting, as well as a sturdy dining table and chairs, or similar, for us to sit and discuss things during your pre-talk.

Then you will need and arm chair, recliner or similarly comfortable and sturdy chair that you can relax in safely.

The location should be guaranteed free from distractions for 1-2 hours or more depending on the length of your session. This means no TV’s or people talking in the other room, phones ringing, friends and family stopping by etc. For the session to have the best outcome it should be uninterrupted.

If you are unable to provide such a space then it may be best for you to come in to the office.

Should your location not meet the requirements mentioned above or at any time the environment does not feel safe, your session may be terminated and you will forfeit your session fee.

Zoom Video Calls

Similar to the in home session your location must meet the same kind of requirements, so that we can have an uninterrupted session.

Additionally, you should have a very well lit area and be able to hook up your computer or other device to get a clear view of you, hands free. Your internet should be fast enough that you get good video and audio signal.

You should be joining the Zoom call 10-15 minutes before your appointment time so that we can make sure everything is working right.

There will also need to be a backup phone number in case the Zoom call goes down for some reason, due to internet or other technology related problems, so that we can continue the session via phone.

Although these things rarely if ever happen, since we cannot reach through the screen to assist you, we will need an emergency phone number of a family member, friend, or neighbor, someone we can contact who can get to you quickly, in the event anything were to happen to you, such as falling out of your chair and hitting your head or similar urgent situation. Always better to be safe than sorry.